If you've got the guts to change your life forever,

then take the Body Balance Challenge and...

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Body Balance:  The 8-Week SCIENTIFIC Best Body,

Best Performance, Best Health System


WARNING:  Only 14 People Will Be Accepted Into The Body Balance Challenge.

Read This Letter Now To See If You Qualify.

Imagine what it feels like having people stare at you on the beach, enviously wishing they looked even half as good as you do.


Imagine how it feels having friends so amazed by your TOTAL transformation they jealously ask... "What's your secret?"


Imagine complete strangers watching you in the grocery store to see what you're buying because they desperately want to know what you know.


Accept the Body Balance Challenge and this becomes your new reality

in just 8 weeks from today.



                             From Robb Evans

                             Studioz Personal Training

                             Tuesday 7:25am

Who Is Robb Evans And Why Should You Listen To Him?

Robb is a qualified personal trainer registered with Fitness Australia. Robb prides himself on educating his clients so that they are able to live a fit and healthy lifestyle forever!

Robb has a unique background. As well as being a qualified Fitness Consultant and Personal Trainer, he is also a fully qualified Chartered Accountant who has worked in Senior Management positions in large organisations for the past 19 years. With his fitness and business experience, Robb brings a level of professionalism, maturity, customer service and focus that is often missing from the fitness industry to help you achieve your individual goals sooner! Robb has worked with teens, sedentary adults, baby-boomers, seniors and professional athletes.  

Robb has helped hundreds of people take control of their health and fitness and change their lives forever.


Studioz Personal Training was awarded an Australian Fitness Industry Excellence Award - the People's Choice Award for Victoria 2009 - this award involved 3,750 votes across 327 fitness businesses throughout Australia.

In 2010 Studioz Personal Training was awarded the Judges Recognition Award in Business Excellence at the Cardinia Business Awards and was a finalist in 2011.


Studioz Personal Training has also been featured in the Berwick and Pakenham Journals, Weekly and the Pakenham Gazette. 


Here's what some of the previous Body Balance Challenge entrants and clients have said about Studioz:


Stephen Duggan, Call Centre Operations Manager, Narre Warren, 41 yrs old

"I've lost an incredible 9.25kg in 6 weeks. I feel and look fantastic and everyone that knows me has noticed the amazing results I've achieved"

   Before              After

Sylvia Bourne, Mother of 2, 40 yrs old, Virtual Personal Assistant, Nar Nar Goon

"I feel fantastic! I am proud to have reached my goal weight and I haven't been this fit in a very long time.  I can now fit more into my day without feeling tired and I'm proud to say that I can now fit back into my smallest pair of jeans!! I applaud Studioz who were there every step of the way.  Robb's knowledge, support, advice and encouragement is second to none and, thanks to him, I have now achieved my fitness goals for 2010"

Sylvia was the winner of our first BBC and lost 7.5kg in 8 weeks (9.3% weight loss), reduced body fat by 5.7% & lost a total of 10.5cm off her chest waist, hips & thighs.


        Before                   After

Sharona Pearce, Mother of 2, 30 yrs old, Hairdresser, Garfield

"I'm so proud of the results I've achieved, I now feel more confident in many different areas of my life such as choosing more nutritious and smaller meals and not dressing to hide myself anymore.  I even feel like it's worth putting on makeup and dressing nicely again! I also feel more clean and healthy on the inside and don't want to ever go back to feeling like I used to.  I still have some more persoanl weight loss goals I am going to achieve with the knowledge and tools I now have to ensure that I continiue on with my healthy lifestyle, including exercise & nutrition. Thank you Robb.

In 8 weeks, Sharona lost 6kg in weight (8.7% weight loss), reduced body fat by 4.1% & lost a total of 15cm off her chest, waist, hips & thighs




         Before                 After

Neville Clements, Father of 4, 57 years old, Managing Director, Warragul

"I have been carrying extra weight since I gave up smoking some 7 years ago.  The motivation to lose the weight was always there, just the timing was wrong.  Once I made the commitment to the BBC, I had little difficulty in adhering to my diet and exercise.  Since changing my ways and eating helathy foods, I have enjoyed the journey so far and will continue on until I reach my goal weight of 75kg. This challenge has helped me be more healthy and able to play sport and do physical work in a way I was not able to before BBC.  I am continually getting comments from friends and colleagues telling me that I look good and that gives me the motivation to conitinue on to reach my final weight loss goal. Thank you Robb."

In 8 weeks,Neville lost 7kg in weight (7.7% weight loss), reduced body fat by 3.8% & lost a total of 21.5cm off his chest, waist, hips and thighs.

        Before                       After

Kathy Davis, Mother of 1, 36 yrs old, Admin Assistant, Bunyip

"I definitely love the fitter and healthier me and I plan to take on all that I have learnt to improve my own and my family's life nutritionally.  I was to remain healthy and fit and now realise how much nutrition plays a major rold in a healthy lifestyle and not just exercise! Thank you Robb, your advice and support has made the whole process very rewarding"

In 8 weeks, Kathy lost 5kg in weight (6.5% weight loss) reduced body fat and lost a total of 16.5cm off her chest, waist, hips and thighs.



       Before           After

Gary Tones, 35 yrs old, Sales Consultant, Pakenham

"I managed to lose 17.5kg during the Body Balance Challenge and am now at the lowest weight I've seen in 10 years.  My fitness is amazing as I couldn't dream of being able to run 10kms or lift the weights that I am.  I fit into the smallest of the clothes in my wardrobe and actually need to shop for some smaller ones.  I've even thrown away the clothes that no longer fit.  I'm so much stronger for meeting you Robb, Thank you".
In 10 weeks, Gary lost 17.5kg in weight (12.6% weight loss) reduced body fat by 5.3% and lost a total of 46.5cm off his chest, waist, hips and thighs. Gary was the winner of our 2nd BBC!

         Before            After

Michelle Tones, 35 yrs old, Marketing Manager, Pakenham

"10 weeks after starting with Studioz I look and feel great.  It has taken me back to a time in my 20's when I felt good about myself.   I have lost a total of 8 kg and I'm only 4 kg away from that dream number. I am healthier and fitter than ever, have secured my dream job, can fit into clothes I haven't worn for years and wear figure hugging clothes to show off my new shape instead of hiding it.  Thanks Robb for all your help and advice, I never would have been able to do this on my own."

In 10 weeks, Michelle lost 8kg in weight (11.3% weight loss) reduced body fat by 5.9% and lost a total of 23cm off her chest, waist, hips and thighs.

 Before          After

Eric Ruth, Fitness Expert Network

"...with dozens of body transformation success stories under his belt, Robb Evans is the most influential, in-demand and accomplished fitness and nutrition coach in Pakenham & Berwick..."

Dear Friend,


It will cost you just $5 to put the Body Balance Challenge to the test. 


If five bucks is too rich for your blood -  too much to ask in exchange for what is quite literally a body and life-changing program - then stop reading now.  

If, on the other hand, I've got your attention and interest, then read on because this is the most important message about your health, fitness and quality of life you will ever hear.

How does the Body Balance Challenge work?  If YOU get the best results, compared to the other 14 participants, you get your money back - that's right, $700 cash!  So you get your best body ever PLUS, it costs you nothing.  You can't ask for a better deal than that!


I know Body Balance Challenge may sound almost too good to be true (it's not, and I'll prove it). 


And if you've known me for a while (I've been using my 28 years of fitness experience to transform bodies and lives here in Pakenham and surrounding suburbs), then this is a little different than what you're accustomed to seeing from me.


I'm not usually this abrupt and aggressive with my communication, but I feel so strongly about the power of Body Balance Challenge to dramatically improve YOUR life...I refuse to pull any punches.


So give me a moment to explain the Body Balance Challenge to you, and why, if you've got the guts to change your life forever, I'll pay you $700 to get the best looking, best performing and HEALTHIEST body you've ever had...in just 8 short weeks.



Radical and Rapid Transformation Is Possible...

If You Really Want It



The truth is that the Body Balance Challenge is not for everyone.


It's only for those who recognise life is far too short to spend "wishing" things were different.  It's only for those who really want to seize each day...beginning NOW...and transform not just their body, but their life.


For those special people (maybe you?), I can promise the most rewarding 8-week adventure, the most complete physical and emotional transformation of your life, and more...



What Is Body Balance?



One of the qualities in people I respect and admire the most is balance.  When I see men and women who are "squared away" in every regard, it excites me.

       *  Men and women who exude confidence because they believe in themselves.

       *  Men and women who look sharp and command respect from others because they clearly

          respect themselves.  

       *  Men and women who never let you see them "sweat" because they are in complete 


       *  Men and women who live with real passion - seizing every day and every opportunity to

          experience life...to really live life to its fullest.

       *  Men and women of courage who don't let fear of failure stop them from trying, and from

          putting forth the effort to be the best they can be in everything the do.

This kind of balance can be achieved by anyone.  I've seen it happen time and again.  I've helped it happen time and again.

And it all starts with your BODY.


Because your body is the one thing over which you have almost complete control.

If Your Body Is Out Of Balance,

Then Your Life Is Out Of Balance.

I've seen far too much proof to believe differently.  I've experienced it myself - when I take care of my body, everything else falls into place.  And I've seen it in more of my clients than I have room to tell you about here.


Although the details change from one client to the next, the story remains the same -  when they get their body in balance - when they're exercising consistently, eating right regularly and getting enough sleep - every other aspect of their life "works."


And not just "kinda, sorta" - their lives work at the optimum level.  They become high achievers and top performers in everything they undertake.


And that power comes from the confidence they gain by controlling the one thing over which they have almost complete control...their bodies.



Do Any of These Sound Familiar To You?


    *  You remember remember how passionate you used to be about so many things in your

        life...and wonder where that passion has gone

    *  You feel guilty about the way you eat - or just know you're not making the right, supportive


    *  You think you don't look good in your clothes and have difficulty finding something to wear

        that fits right and makes you feel right.

    *  The romance is seeping out of your marriage or relationship.

    *  You don't feel congruent - the way you live your life is not in line with how you want to live

        your life...and how you know you should live your life.

    *  You feel like you should be giving more time and attention to those most important to you.

    *  You look in the mirror and more often than not, don't like the reflection you see.

    *  You have a general sense of uneasiness in situations in which you used to feel comfortable.

    *  There's something that needs your attention, but you don't have the energy or the time for it.

    *  You feel like you're just going through the motions of daily life with little joy or pleasure in

        the experience.

    *  You have become more self-conscious and maybe even feel like people are judging you.

    *  You're more on edge and "prickly" about things.

    *  You're less inclined to socialise and sometimes make excuses to avoid social situations.

    *  You feel like you need time off to re-group, you just wish you could get off the "treadmill" of

        your daily grind for a little while.

    *  You have a sense of disorganisation or that your life is out of "flow" or even out of control in

        some ways.

    *  You feel tired, lethargic or unmotivated far too often.

    *  Nothing really excites you anymore...except for the idea of change.

These are just some of the symptoms of being out of balance.  If you are experiencing one or more of these symptoms, I urge you to put Body Balance Challenge to the test.  And I promise you'll look back at this as the turning point for you.


It Can Kill Your Confidence



The one thing, above all others, that throws your life out of whack - that puts you out of balance - is your body.


Because your self-image is so tightly married to how you look and feel.


And because you know, just as we all do, that your appearance and fitness are almost 100%...


Within Your Control



It's easy to blame genetics or metabolism or thyroid or lack of time...or whatever excuse you want to come up with.


But that's all it is...an excuse.


It's not valid, and deep inside you know that.


The only truth is that YOU are responsible for how you look and feel right now.


If you believe that and accept that as accurate, then read on because I have some very good news for you.  But if you resist that, and are maybe even mad at me for saying it, then please stop reading now, because you are not ready for Body Balance Challenge.


Confidence = Quality of Life


It has been said (and anecdotally proven over and over again) that our self confidence is directly proportional to our quality of experience (and our experiences make up our lives).


Simply put, the more confident you are, the better your life is.  Period.


Think back to the times in your life when you experienced the greatest joy, had the most rewarding sense of accomplishment, or felt the most passionate and engaged.


At those times you were truly confident...in yourself, in your future, in your ability, in your life. You felt in control...and you were happy.

There are some things in our lives over which we exert only minimal control.


 Your body is not one of those things.


The more you let your body go - knowing full well that you have control over it - the more it undermines and sabotages your self confidence.


And the more your confidence erodes, the more your quality of life erodes.  They go hand in glove.



Do You Have The Guts?



I've talked about some "big" ideas here in this letter.  And the fact that you're still reading means you understand what I'm saying is true.  You see how changing your body - getting your body in balance - puts your LIFE in balance.


So now I have to ask you if you've got the guts to put your body in balance...once and for all.  Permanently. 


Do you?  And are you willing to "risk" a few hours of your time to see if everything I say about Body Balance Challenge is true?


Yes?  Great!


Then let me tell you how we're going to put your body (and life) in balance...fast.



Here's what the Body Balance Challenge

8-Week Program will do for you...



    1.  Body Balance Challenge (BBC) gives you a highly structured, highly personlised

       8-week nutrition and exercise program - no more guesswork about how to get the

       weight loss, fat loss and fitness results you want in the shortest time possible. 

     2.  BBC gives you small group and one-on-one hands-on coaching and hard-nosed

        accountability from me personally - installing into your mind and your life the

        fitness and nutrition habits for radical and rapid improvement.

   3.  BBC gives your social support from the other participants - and hand-selected by

        me to ensure compatibility and desire that matches your own.  together as a team we 

        move forward (there is awesome power in this synergistic small group experience).

     4.  BBC gives you a hard target to shoot for.  We are not the least bit interested in

         moderate, lukewarm, plain vanilla results.  This is about dramatic, body

         transforming, life changing results...in 8 weeks.

    5.  BBC gives you a big reward for your efforts even beyond the physical and

         emotional changes you will make.  I will select one Challenger from the small group

         who makes the most significant improvement, and award that person with $700 in

         cash.  There will be other prizes awarded as well, in a variety of categories.

    6.  BBC gives you the change and improvement you want!

    7.  But most of all, BBC gives you new confidence each and every day that you are

         taking full and complete control over your health, fitness, body and life.  That

         confidence snowballs and compounds with each passing day - with each personal

         victory.  You come out the other end, after just 8 weeks with a new body, a new

         outlook, new passion for life... and a completely new and better person, in every


Click Here To Get Started With Body Balance Challenge



Questions and Answers

About Body Balance Challenge



Q: How does Body Balance Challenge work?


A: BBC is an 8-week coaching program. Some weeks you will meet with me personally (or a key member of my staff), some weeks we will meet as group.  BBC commences on 19 May 2016.


In our first meeting your resting metabolic rate (RMR), body fat and weight will be recorded so we have baseline data on you.  We will also generate nutritionist designed meal plans and grocery store shopping lists for you based on your specific weight loss, fat loss and fitness goals.


I will personally design your exercise program based on your goals, which you will follow at your gym, at home or with your personal trainer (we can assign you a personal trainer or group boot camp classes for you if you do not already have one). 


Each of the remaining weeks we will meet for reassessment, instruction and education, privately and in a small group. Your nutrition and exercise regimen will be closely monitored. We will hold you accountable to it - this is how radical and rapid results are produced.


If you encounter obstacles, we will show you how to overcome them. We work together as a team for 8 solid weeks, every week you move closer to your goal. Transformation is guaranteed with this high level of accountability and precise, personalised fitness and nutrition programming.


At the end of 8 weeks all your measurements will be taken one final time and the Challenger with the greatest improvement will be selected (there will also be other categories where we select winners).  The #1 Challenger (it could be you) will be awarded $700. But frankly, that pales in comparison to the reward of real body balance!


Q: Who exactly is Body Balance Challenge for?


A: BBC is for men and women aged 18-80 who want significant, measurable fitness results in just 8 weeks. If you want your best body, best performance and best health, this is the scientific system for achieving it.  You are welcome to tell your spouse or a friend about this program and have them apply as well.


Q: How is this different than our personal training services?


A: BBC is a comprehensive program combining exercise and nutrition. Precise, personalised nutrition programs are developed for each BBC Challenger in addition to metabolic measurements. Exercise programs are designed specifically for each Challenger as well, however you do not work one-on-one with a trainer unless you request that additional service.  Your exercise program is monitored and adjusted by me personally to ensure you get maximum results in minimum time.


Q: What if I'm already a fitness client of Studioz Personal Training?


A: Great. Then we will discuss how to adapt your current training program to be aligned with the BBC. You do not need to make any adjustments to your program, we will handle everything.


Q: What kind of results can I expect in 8 weeks?


A: This will be based on your specific goals.  We will spend a considerable amount of time in your first meeting determining exactly how aggressive you want to be, and then I will create your program accordingly.  With your commitment and our coaching, instruction and accountability, you can expect substantial, dramatic, transformational results.


Q: How can you make such a bold claim about the benefits of BBC?


A: Because I know the power of synergy (supportive nutrition, cardiovascular and resistance exercise). When these three elements are properly integrated (as we do for you), and there is real accountability (from my staff and me) and social support (from your fellow Challengers) and then you throw in some good-natured competition...watch out!  Results come fast and furious.


Q: How do I know if I qualify for BBC?


A: Click here to get started with Body Balance.   After we receive your $5 commitment, we will schedule a brief telephone interview where you will be assessed for BBC.  As long as you are not at medical risk, are determined to make a positive change in your life and can agree to be supportive of others in the Challenge, there is no reason you should not be accepted.  The first step is to make the commitment to yourself. 

Q: How much does the Body Balance Challenge cost?


A:  Enroll now for just $5  You can register for the information session for just $5. If you continue on for the remaining 8-week period, it will cost a further $695, that's less than the cost of a decent lunch ($12.50) each day to get the best looking, best performing body you've EVER had!  You will see on the payment page that we have various payment options to suit your budget.


Q: How do I win the $700 prize?


A: You follow the prescribed exercise and nutrition programs, allow yourself to be held accountable by us, support the group, give 100% to yourself and your fellow Challengers and get the new body and new life you want.  If you are judged to be the #1 Challenger in the small group, you win the $700 grand prize!


Q: Why are you only accepting just 14 people into BBC?


A: Group dynamics are very important to the success of BBC.  Too many participants dilute that dynamic. Additionally, we need to ensure that each Challenger gets all the time and attention they need.  We can't do that with a group that is too large.



ATTENTION: If you are interested in BBC, it is vital that you click here now to reserve one of the limited 14 spots available.  All spots will go very quickly, and once they're gone, they're gone, and you are locked out.  Your only "risk" is just $700 (and I'll refund that after your second class if you decide BBC is not right for you).  Please do NOT delay even for a moment. Seize this opportunity and let us show you how to get your body and life in balance.


Click Here To Get Started With Body Balance Challenge


Let's Wrap This Up


You are an intelligent, educated person who cares about being the best you can be.  That's why you are reading this now - you want to BE BETTER. 


And you know you can be better.


You're sick and tired of trying and getting only modest results that don't last...or trying and quitting...or trying and failing.  You KNOW there is an answer...a real solution because you see balanced people all the time. You know what that looks like - and you want it.


You just need someone to show you how to get it.


All you need is the right guide, the right coach, the right support, the right structure and the right accountability.


And that's exactly what Body Balance Challenge gives you.


But I don't expect you to blindly take me at my word.  I'm not asking you to take a leap of faith.  I'm asking you to make me PROVE it to you.


All you have to do is take the first step by clicking here to submit your registration fee to secure one of the 14 available spots in our upcoming Body Balance Challenge.


Then my office will contact you to conduct a brief telephone interview to ensure you qualify for BBC.  If you qualify, you will be invited to attend the first two classes.  If you're not 100% convinced BBC will do everything for you I have described in this letter, just let us know and we'll refund your payment and cancel your participation in the program.  You will owe us nothing, and we part friends.


It's just that simple.


I look forward to working with you in the BBC and giving you the best looking, best performing, and healthiest body you've ever had...in just 8 weeks.



Robb Evans

Studioz Personal Training

Ph:  0421 287 1070421 287 107


P.S. If you have questions about BBC, feel free to call my office at 0421 287 1070421 287 107.  We'll be happy to speak with you and answer any questions you have.


P.P.S. If you are ready to make the most powerful change in your life to date and get your best body and best health now, click here to reserve your spot in Body Balance Challenge. 

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